Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Charlie Time!

Well I am still working on each one getting time each night ... and tonight was Charlie's turn. Based on how she has been in the past, I fully expected a MAJOR freak-out ...

Oddly (in a good way) she was a little jumpy but calmed down SO fast .... she did a great lot of hand-walking ... and thumb perching ... and she even let me pet her a few times without spazzing ... that was so great, even though she is still camera shy .

The funny of the night ... I am most often on Skype chatting while doing art and my gecko hands-on time .... and when I paused in the hand-walking to type a few words, I swear I got the look of "Are you done yet?" from her .... then she would do more walking when I put my hand there for her.

She didn't gain a lot in the 4 month window .... going from 34g to 37g .... but, in comparison to Cosmo, Charlie has a larger tank ... more room to move around and such. I guess I better start tagging some larger tanks on kijiji for her .... Red or Elvis (both actually) will need bigger too before long ....

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