Thursday, July 11, 2013

Picky Eaters

Well I am not sure who is eating less, Elvis or Ghost.

Elvis seems to no want anything to do with the food he is being given, to the point he dumps his food dish out of the ledge onto the floor of his tank. He is starting to look really small so I am getting a bit concerned.

Ghost ... being new ... has yet to give any real indication of eating other than the poops in the tank, but even those are not really substantial. Lady M is new, but at least she is eating.

I got paid for some sales (woot) so I was able to place an order with Northern Gecko for food etc. I am hoping to figure which critter will eat which food, as I ordered some small bags of the flavoured variety to test. I am hoping to get them crickets this week too as it has been a while for that treat for them.

Well they are all doing their nightly party and weirdness so have fun kids!