Friday, August 9, 2013

A visit with Lady M

I have noticed Lady M and Sylvester hanging out a bit more than before - as best they can - after I swapped their tanks's places. She does this upside down type thing towards the lower part of her tank, and he does this upwards thing near the top of his .... around where the two tanks's glass walls meet ...

They sat like that for over an hour last night ... but oddly not so much tonight .... I am not sure if it is a best buddies thing, if Sylvester does turn out to be a female ... or if it is pre-love thing if he is a male. Either way it is both cute and a bit creepy ... even for geckos LOL

Speaking of Sylvester, he has yet to show if he has the male goods or not. It is still undetermined what he is ... but it is looking more and more like Sylvester may become Sylvia .... or Priscilla ...

On a good note, I have notice both Elvis and Ghost eating a bit more than before ... but it is not yet enuff to reduce my concerns. I am hoping to get them all crickets on Sunday as a treat so that may help too.

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