Saturday, November 2, 2013

New News

Sorry for the big gap in posts but life has been crazy.

We now have a furry critter in our midst, and her name is Ravyn. She is a long hair black tiny 3 year old kitten that I have given a home to after she was abandoned by rude people in my building. So far the geckos don't seem too worried about her and I have seen at least three of them have stare-downs with her. Her boldness leads me to think she knows she is safe here, and is home.

Sadly, this has meant the geckos have been not getting their hands-on time with me like they used to. With work and stress of life, I have not been as attentive with them, and their tanks have suffered. This, along with more hands-on time, is my goal going forward. I am going to need to get them to "remember" me by giving them a bit of time each night.

Tonight, I did a couple minutes of hands-on time with 3 of them after spraying them for the night. I kept my hands in the tank for the most part because it is going to be along road back to where we had been. Red has been jumpy a lot more since the cat's arrival, and has been a big part of Ravyn's learning. I did a bit of hands-on and was happy to see him calm down pretty quickly. Lucinda did seem to be a bit more jumpy in comparison, and wanted to explore a bit more than I was ready for. Charlie, well she was nearly completely IN her dirt, like she was burrowing or something. She has always been one of the most panicy of them, so her time will take a bit to recover. She has also started laying her duds so I guess she is a bit confused on things.

Max, Sylvester (90% sure is female) and Lady M even seem to have no worries about being stared at by the cat. I am not going to encourage it though .....

Well time for bed and for Ravyn's special time to cuddle and get attention .... as if she was starving for it .... LOL