Wednesday, December 31, 2014

End of 2014

So ... its the last day of 2014 ....

I have been given the clearance to no longer feel like a crack junkie selling her kid for more crack  - Venus gets to stay.  I am not sure what it says about me when she is the only one I was willing to offer to sell. The thought never entered my mind to put any of the cresteds up for sell .... am I really that evil?

I got 2 new/used big tanks for Red and Ghost on Sunday ... but they have basics in there yet. I will try to fix them up better on Thursday, like add dirt substrate and stuff.

We are still "fighting" with BK  but as yet have not been advised of the tribunal date. I figure that will be next week or so, if they go that far. My luck, it will be on my birthday. 

It seems my usual crested gecko food etc supplier doesn't have much for leopard geckos, so I will keep buying her bugs etc. One of these days I will need to pick up (or get them to drop off) the big tank they have there at Trish's. It will not be long before she is going to outgrow her 10 gallon tank....

Here is hoping 2015 goes more smoothly .... this has been a harsh year indeed ....

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