Friday, July 10, 2015

July 10 2015

Well .... time for some updates.

This week we have had 2 babies hatch .... one Monday and the other Tuesday. They have been named Squeekers and Skeeter for now. As of today the one is 3 inches long, and Skeeter is about 2 and 3/4 inches long, nose to tail.

According to staff at the local PetSmart, I should be able to sell them for about $60 - $75 each. We shall see though, as I am waiting until they are a month old first.

I am surprised to see my improvised incubator actually reading 72 F today since the last few months of use have had it at 70F at best. I am hopeful that this will help the other eggs hatch sooner than the first two did.

Last night, while watering them all for the night, I did some hands-on time with all but Mr Horney-toes ... aka Red... since he is in heat again ... and biting. With the weather and such, I am changing up their feeding. Instead of every 3 nights  I will start feding them every 2 nights. Hopefully that will also reduce the fruit flies ......

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