Thursday, June 9, 2016

June 2016

Wow ..... way too long .....

So far this year, I have sold the last 2 babies to hatch (Frankie and Spike) but I am definately keeping Twink.

I have signed up to be a vendor at my first expo, which will be held August 14 in Peterborough. I am excited and nervous. I am hoping since it is one of my passions that my anxiety will be out of sight, but I am at a booth that has a wall behind it so that should help. I am trying to get things sorted for the booth, like table cloths, signs, etc. I really am hoping (somehow) to be able to get the company name embroidered on a couple hats for the show for me and Trish to wear. I am debating getting it done to a jacket, but probably just the hats. I have a display board that I plan to get a bigger version of my biz card printed on, but I do also need more cards, and care sheets.

I did buy some gecko eggs, which I am glad for since Cosmo seems to be the only one giving me fertile eggs this year. That being said, I may take some of the adult geckos I have since they are not producing eggs. Like Sylvest'r, Max, and maybe Lady M since my breeding attempts have failed with them. It may be too soon for them, so I may try once more next year. The biz side says I need to get ready to breed females or it will hurt the point of the business. We will see....

So far both Cosmo's eggs from March have hatched after 10 weeks or so. One of the extra eggs have hatched, and there was a hatchling already in the one set of eggs I bought from Ajax. So that gives me 4 babies for the expo, and it is still 2 months away. With luck, all the eggs in the incubator will hatch and be ready for selling at the expo.

I have a dark-ish female on hold that I plan to pair with Sam, and a line on 2 big tanks I need. I just need to get the funds since I decided to buy groceries for the house instead. So .... that's $160 for the one tank and the gecko, not counting gas and coffee money. So I need about $200 from somewhere. It is times like this I could really use some financial backing ....

I am GOING to make this business become a reality .... I promise!!!

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