Tuesday, October 28, 2014

October 28 2014

Wow ... long past couple of weeks .... hope my kids don't think I've been ignoring them ....

I decided to take a few minutes, before spraying their tanks for the night, to say HI to those that were willing.

Lucinda calmed down fairly quickly, as did Sylvester. Yeah, that gecko is female, but the name has stuck. Mind you, she has a fair bit of excess skin etc so I am wondering about a gecko treadmill for her soon. LOL

Charlie's was a shorter visit in comparison, but still a visit. Cosmo dd her usual pee thing on me, but we still did a visit. Ghost was not bad, but I am not sure what was up with Elvis. He was all edgy and even tried to bite me a couple times. I know he was not mad at me, and since he is past the "teenage" stage where it is normal, I might have to say he is gonna get paired up in Februray.

I do still intend to pair up Ghost and Lucinda too.... they should produce stunning babies. I just hope to find homes for the babies ....

The rest decided they were not having anything to do with a visit, so it's their loss ....

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