Monday, October 6, 2014

October 6 2014

So ... I am gonna try to make nightly posts ... again ... LOL .. yeah, right .... I said "try" ...

Tonight while watering their tanks, I got to say HI (and by this I mean petting them on their heads) ... some let me pet their head a few strokes and were quite happy sitting there ... getting attention ... others booked it with one touch ... so this will be my way of seeing how it progresses ... 

Tonight I got to say HI longer with Sylvester, Red (who has started a nightly thing of hanging on the branch/vine watching the room... ) and Elvis (who would sit there or walk onto my hand and revel in the attention ... he has been like that forever ... give or take LOL)

The one touch and run's were Cosmo (slow run, mind you), Ghost, Max, and George (sort of a slower run than he normally does).

I was not even able to do that one touch to Charlie or Lucinda, mainly because they were just too far hidden to touch. Venus had her head sticking out of her cave, so I am not sure my very light touch counted in either way. She didn't run but she pulled her head back in soon after.

More fun next time ... now it is bed with the crack-head crazy Ravyn ....

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