Thursday, February 2, 2017

New Year!

OK ... time for a new year update!

All the babies are still here .... and even Hayden is getting better. It might very well have been the warmer room or the larger enclosure ... or a combo of both ... no real idea, but he is doing better in the other room at least.

We are up to 3 sets of eggs from Lana X Sam and Cosmo X Rex ..... so hopefully the December clutch will hatch before too long. I will need to find a list of asexual dark style names soon ... I know there are some awesome resources out there....

I am hoping to get the time to make a DIY light box for photos. I need better pics to get better responses ... got the materials i need ... I just need to get to it ASAP. I am beginning to think I need to clone myself ... or something less drastic LOL

I am thinking of keeping Syd as my hold-back. It's not just cuz s/he is cute, but based on the crested gecko's size and the kink in the tail, it may be best. Seems to be taking a long time for him/her to gain any weight. He/She is still barely 2grams ... others born in July like Syd was are double that weight at least.

Well time to step off here for a bit .... I will post again soon with better updates....



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