Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Feb 8 2017

So ... interesting feeding night tonight.

Twink has been flighty a bit more lately than normal .... and tonight she jumped and found my eye... it was closed but still. Most times my guys will jump on the camera eye ...but this was weird. I am wondering if I need to move her tank out of that spot.... maybe to my desk or my room ...

As for the babies, they seem to really be showing their personalities more and more. Syd keeps trying to be like the big boys... but is so tiny still. Freddie and Chance and Izzy all wanted to spend a few minutes out of their enclosures... so I guess I need to start taking time and handling them more often. A tamer gecko is more liked.

As for the chewers, we have put a trial test run flooring in with both Rudy and Bobbi. Instead of paper towels I have put a clear ridged shelf liner (from the dollar store) cut to the size of the floor. Hopefully  this will stop the chewing, and it can be cleaned for re-use. So far so good, but it is still early.

The ones that like to jump at every motion they see are now referred to as The Thud Club. That would be Rudy, Bobbi, Syd and Dakota mainly. I have found this to be a phase, but with this many babies it will be an ongoing phase.

I am getting more and more requests to get a vendors table for the Feb 26 expo in Downsview, but it will cost funds I simply do not have. It is $150 for just the table, not to mention gas both ways and food. I figure the total cost for the day would be about $250 all in. I need to make some money one way or another ....

Well I hope this has been a good update .... more next time!

Same gecko time ... same gecko channel ... or something like that LOL

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