Wednesday, March 15, 2017

MARCH 14 2017

Hi fans!

Well ... so far .. we have had some interesting things going on ..

Max seemed to be in high demand .. until I tell the USA folks the cost of shipping to them... then BAM! No thanks ...

Red has gone off to a new home with a young girl who is in love with him ....

We have 2 new breeders (Meg and Crowley) but they have yet to give any eggs. I might need to try them again for 2018. I am not worried ... got lots of stuff to sell still!

I have many young ones from 2016 still available, but almost half are now into the juvenile size ... so their prices went up a bit. They also will NOT have the kit option - they will still have the information package though, just like all of the available geckos get.

The first 3 new babies of the 2017 season have arrived! There are many more yet to hatch, but it looks like it will be a full house going to the Peterborough Expo ... not sure if the new ones will be of size, but hopefully....

I am working on getting better photos of them all, but I am starting with the nursery cresties first. I just have to fuss with the DIY lightbox more .... its the lighting issue. It looks like the whole plan of the sides with lights STILL casts an orange hue.

I will get it sorted .... never fear!

Well back to the fun!


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