Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Well it seems the growth spurt of the crack-head known as Sylvester may still be continuing. Tonight he was done his food first, and this is not the first time either. It looks like nearly licked the dish clean which is a nice change from him barely eating before.

Lady M seems to have figured out the food thing, as I have witnessed her eating and have also seen signs of poop in her tank.  I know, weird but that is the best way to tell if a newly housed/bought critter is adjusting well.

Ghost, well we are still waiting on him.... he needs more time to adjust than Lady M does it seems.

Lucinda still has yet to lay her clutch, and is actually very overdue. I did notice she was shedding tonight, and has been hanging out in her tree thing (which usually means she is getting ready to lay) so I am hoping the killer hot weather has just been affecting her.

I have a fan running in there nearly 24/7 to try to help so again, we will have to see.

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