Saturday, June 29, 2013

Short Visits

Just a quick post from the tablet before I try to sleep ....

Tonight while feeding the crew, Cosmo decided to take a stroll up my arm. Sadly, I was still feeding the critters so it was a very short visit,

When I went to spray them down for the night, Evis wanted to visit. Again, it was a short vsit. I went soon after to see if Cosmo wanted to still come out, but she had since changed her mind.

Now, as for the springtails, I am not a fan as yet. I was hoping for a more postive respose, but either I am doing it wrong, or the weather is affecting things worse than I thought. There is fuzzy stuff in the two tanks (from humidity I think) and a weird smell. I am not sure whats going on but the two critters seem to be enjoying the damp dirt by the digging indications I find. I will see how it goes after I do up the tanks for George and Max on monday.

Time to crash, working many more days yet - expo to save up for in September of course!

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