Monday, June 17, 2013

My boy Elvis .... again ...

So tonight ... as I am watering the tanks for the night, I put my hand in to pet Elvis like I usually do. But tonight, while my hand is curled and petting him, he decided it was time for an outting.

He not only came to me in his own accord (which I love him for, btw) he jumped onto my shirt! He was determined he was getting out tonight. So I put the spray bottle down, and took him back to my desk for some hands on time. He was content and not near as bad as the others for jumping in an attempt to explore etc. I wish it was not the end of a brutal long 2 days, or I could have given him more time

At least his "god-mother" got to see him for a few in Skype,..... until he jumped the webcam and then the speakers LOL

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