Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Changes and more changes still

Ok ... again, I am sorry for slacking on daily posts. There is a LOT going on.

I have been working on getting the names to match across google with the registeted business name. Google seems to be having issues with the change .... too recently changed .... dumb typo ... oh well, it will get sorted yet.

More meetings have gone on .... and hopefully that means we are getting closer to the needed funding. We have been told to submit fpr the smaller amount aka "event funding" so we can be covered for immediate needs, like the 2 needed terrariums and stuff for them, lighting, and the upcoming expo, as well as gecko food and supplies and more. It involves a lot of paperwork, and a lot of time. Hopefully it will pan out and Katt's Kritters can be one more step closer to reality.

The fun (so to speak) right now is budgeting ... bills .... and finding a larger space to live in that we can afford. Now thats the trick .... I need to find a way to pull in more revenue so we can do that.

Well fans, errands and more paperwork tomorrow .... watch for the GECKO GURU posts and pics .... check the sales ... enter the contest .... and watch for a survey soon too!

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