Monday, September 19, 2016

September 19 2016

Once again, I failed to keep up the daily blogs. I will get better ... promise!

Lets see .... so far I have gotten 3 females for the upcoming breeding season, assuming the males are ready too. I do still want to get a dark chocolate colored female but that will wait. Once I get a full and complete weight check of all the cresties, I can start to plan who gets paired with who. Of course I do still need 2 more full sized tanks ... Ruby and Lily are in desperate need of proper space.

On the paperwork for the biz side of things, that is takimg its toll on me. I am getting stressed out over trying to get it all done, which then triggers my anxiety and negative self-talk.  I will get through it though .... am too stubborn and determined to make this a reality.

I am not expecting it to be my main income, but I am not gettimg the time I need to get Poser projects done. That too will happen when things get sorted. We have 2 meetings tomorrow, so hopefully some funding will come soon ....

Sweet dreams!

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