Friday, September 2, 2016

September 2 2016

Looks like I missed a couple days .... sorry ....

Let's see .... today's biz fun was getting a separate account set up at the bank that will strictly be used for Katt's Kritters activity. Such fun being an adult ... right?

I updated a bunch of the pages with some progression pics for the babies. It was interesting to learn what photos I had in one place but not in the place I needed them to be in ... LOL That was quickly remedied. I will try to get to more of the pages tomorrow.

From now until the end of day on Sept 15th, all listed babies are $15 off ... so I will see if that helps get the ball rolling.

I will be picking up Lana (female) on the 10th ... and I am so excited. She should make for some nice babies.

Well it;s been a long day (again - might be why I missed posting a couple days there) ... so that's about all I got for this ...

Luv to all from the Kritter zoo!

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