Tuesday, September 13, 2016

September 13 2016

Wow ... sorry ... dropped the ball on the daily posts ... but things HAVE been crazy.

Well the start-up funding came in, and enabled the business to become a  fully registered business, and get female geckos for the upcoming breeding season.

On the trip to the Canadian Reptile Breeders Expo in Mississauga, I got to meet up with a few folks I had only talked with online, and Northern Gecko (my FAVE store for needed stuff and awesome geckos) was having a buy one get one .... so when I picked up the gecko they had been holding for me, I also got another. Looks like she also has a full pinstripe and dark coloring.  So there we go ... all set for the upcoming season, as long as we can control the heat and humidity better.

The next business meeting will be on Wed the 14th, so hopefully a bit more fundimg for covering the costs of getting a table at expos. We shall see ... more to post after...

Love to all from Katt's Kritters!

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