Tuesday, September 3, 2013

September 2013 WEIGH IN

Well .. to say they were not in the mood to be weighed would be an understatement!

Lady M (as usual) got vocal ... but then was not really in a hurry to go back into her house ... many of the others did the gecko "bite" thing .... no damage but seriously? Sheesh ....

Oh well .. got the numbers ....

SYLVESTER - 22g in June ... now 35g

RED - 39g in June ... now 42g

GEORGE - 47g in June ... now 51g

ELVIS - 33g in June ... now 31g

LUCINDA - 41g in June ... now 43g

MAX - 55g in June ... now 53g

CHARLIE - 39g in June ... now 35g

COSMO - 42g in June ... now 43g

GHOST - 39g in June ... now 43g

LADY M - 5g in June ... now 13g

Yes some have gone down a bit, but not too bad really .... winter is coming soon so will see what that brings ... always hard with the heat & humidity ...