Sunday, March 21, 2021

New Plans and Ideas

 Yeah ... I know ... it's been a while ... again ... 

So ... going forward ... while covid runs its course, we will be making some changes here at Katt's Kritters.

Firstly, with the lack of expos and the such, we are limiting the breeding pairs for the 2021 season. In the past, we would have paired up about 6 or so breeders, and had a nice selection of eggs to work with. This season (2021) we have paired only 2 ... Garnet with Po, and Jordyn with Sandi. One set are known breeders, no issues or uncertainties - other than what the breeding result will look like of course. The other pair ... well this is their first year BOTH so we are hopeful but not overly expecting much.



We do have Garnet's first set of eggs (fertile), and Sandi has laid one egg (dud). Her other egg should be there tomorrow I hope.

Secondly, we are downsizing BIG TIME. This is being done so we have the space and funds for adding more gecko breeds (phants, gargs, etc) and getting higher quality breeders. We have about 75% or so of the current collection available for sale. It will take a few runs to get all of them photo'd and uploaded to the site with all the juicy details, but keep watch!

Some of the collection that would be for sale, are actually being held onto ... for potential future breeding. But that may change yet ... who knows!

We are still offering the supplies and equipment as usual, shipping as needed but most folks are local and are quite happy stopping by to pick things up. Let us know if there is something you are looking for, and we will order items as requested.

Yes we are dying for the chance to hit Gatineau, Pointe Claire and even the GTA expos WHEN it is safe to do so. Safety is always first!

Keep safe ... stay well!