Saturday, December 28, 2013

End of the Year 2013

Well the past few months have been rough .... for me at least ... which means that the critters have been lacking for attention.

I made a point of weighing and snapping a few pics earlier this month, but I didn't get all them done. There are still 3 that I am hoping to get taken care of over the next few days.

Tonight, before even booting up the laptop, I spent at least 5 minutes with each of the critters. I hope to do this more regularly (yes I know I say that a lot and still fail at it) .... partly for me, and partly so they can get used to me again. I have also had a few co-workers express interest in having a gecko as a pet, and they are interested in the breeding results from Lucinda & Ghost. That being said, I am encouraging strongly that these people come over at least once in the evening to get to know how to take care of geckos, and to get an idea on what to expect with them.

The trick is working amid all our schedules LOL

CHARLIE now 32g

ELVIS now 37g

SYLVESTER  now 48g

RED  now 48g

LUCINDA now 47g

GHOST  now 49g

LADY M  now 23g

COSMO  now 48g

GEORGE now 56g

MAX now 64g