Thursday, February 1, 2018

New food ... and updates

So .... after reading a pile of reviews and such about different foods and supplements for cresties ... especially when dealing with picky eaters ... I have edited the powder-mix bucket ... by adding 2 new options to the combination in use already.

The bucket mix I have used so far is a combo of Repashy Super Mango Blend and Repashy Grubs N Fruit ... with a small bit of the Banana Cream Pie and/or Pangea Breeders Formula. The last 2 are not a staple based on budget and availability. This mix has some eating much better than others in my gecko crew, so I am trying to find a more successful mix.

Tonight they were given a mix of the Super Mango and the Grubs N Fruit .... with the added flavors of Repasy SuperPIG and Repashy Classic mix ... the only product for cresties they carry that contains some bee pollen. If this mix is a win tonight, I may look for straight bee pollen ... or keep with this mix. The morning should say ....

The mix is a bit of a darker color than before, but I think that is due to the SuperPIG powder. I think that mix is for enhancing their  natural pigment and such. Again, we shall see.

We have one fertile clutch so far from the Sam x Meg pairing, with her clutch date being around the 26th of the month or so for laying. Up next will be Sam x Ruby ... and I will pair Castiel to the other 2 females later in the rotation. I have a pair on hold in Ottawa area, with one more payment to go before I arrange to pick them up. As yet there are no eggs from them. I am not worried since I am working on a longer breeding season rotation ... this way I should have eggs/babies later into the year. I am hoping to have "stock" available for more expos ... including some GTA ones later this year.

Once things have become more established, I am planning to add to the collection of breeders with different gecko breeds, such as Giant Day Geckos... or Gargoyle Geckos ... but definitely satanic leaf tails ... it is just a question of getting one of the others for a bit to learn before breeding. It does mean I need more tanks and space LOL

I am seeking more funding .... but we shall see. This business will continue regardless ....