Monday, April 6, 2015


Finally ... babies are on the way!

I paired up Mr Horney (aka Red) with Cosmo ..... and he had a nice visit .... she was a bit shy at first .... but then they got down to business. Then, since he still had energy to burn off, I paired him with Charlie. He has calmed down a bit, but I think he will be a happy breeding male LOL

And ... I got 2 eggs from Cosmo so far ..... and they look good! It is hard to get a picture to show the shadow shape in the eggs, but I can see wee little ones. I am just waiting for Charlie's clutch, but so far so good. The eggs are only a couple weeks old, so they will have a good 60+ days to go before they hatch.

Yes, I will post pictures then too ....  patience though, kids!

If you look, you can sort of see the shadow in the egg ... they curl around ... but the area I have pointed & circles would be one of the baby's heads .... best I could get ... maybe I can get better in a few weeks ... at this stage they look like "cheerios" in there if anything ....

Gonna be fun!