Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Babies Babies Babies!

So the baby season has started! A little rocky, but still good.

We had one baby so far from the Garnet x Sam pairing (the other egg of that clutch was a dud), and the next set are due to hatching around Aug 2 if the timing stays consistent. The eggs seem to be hatching around 120 days or so.

We have also had both eggs from the first clutch of River x Kovu pairing hatch, so that makes both these new female breeders PROVEN. Always nice!

So, first up is Garnet/Sam new baby ... named DYNO

Then SKYLAR (from Kovu/River) made an appearance ...

And finally (for now) SLOAN arrived (also from Kovu/River) ...

Keep an eye out in here, on the Facebook page, and on Instagram for more pics as they happen!


Sunday, April 5, 2020

New Faces

So ... just prior to covid shutting almost everything down, we at Katt's Kritters were able to get a pair of satanic leaf-tail geckos! So excited ... but still cautious of course.

Bonnie and Clyde are settling in great, and enjoying their crickets too. Plants should be arriving any day now to complete the tanks so they can feel more at home.

No weight check as yet, but there is time. Lots of time with no expos to go to, and limited shopping.

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Near the end of 2019

With the year ending soon, I guess it is well past time for an update. 

We did have a slow breeding season, but it WAS better than last year, as sad as that sounds (6 babies hatched this year, with just 4 last year). We are still enjoying being an authorized resller for supplies & equipment, and have had some great sales and such from that both at shows and online/in person. We have managed to get to a couple shows this year, one in Peterborough on the 20th, and the other in Pointe Claire on the 27th. 

A few geckos found new homes, with one new one finding her way to my house. She is a beautiful red/orange female with some white pattern near her underside. I am excited to see what she can produce. We have a great breeding line up planned for the upcoming season, and am hoping for lots and lots of gorgeous babies to grow and offer later in the fall of next year.

For this year, we have purchased some wholesale juvies (1 year old cresties) for resell, but there are 2 that I will be keeping for future breeding plans. Feel free to visit our main website to see these beauties! A few months ago, we were given the opportunity to purchase a large number of wholesale hatchlings (34 in total), and I am very glad to have that offer. These little ones have a lot of growing to do, but should be ready to find new homes when the weather warms up in the spring of 2020. Watch for updates to be posted on the facebook page in a couple months. They are too little yet to get fired up pictures, but soon ... soon.

Over the winter, sales can still be done on supplies & equipment, even if shipping is needed. If you are looking to buy a gecko, those are NOT shipped, and are only available for in person sales.

We are hoping to be able to get to more expos in the new year, starting in the spring. Maybe even a show in Mississauga ... who knows.

Well, back to the geckos!



Sunday, August 18, 2019

New News!

So ... new things on the horizon ... and beyond, hopefully!

We have added a number of babies to the already growing (albeit slowly) zoo ... and they will be available to purchase hopefully in a few months. Some of them are 3 weeks old, and some are 7 weeks old. They have not been weighed or named as yet, but they will be in a couple weeks, after which I will post all their cute faces on facebook and the official Katt's Kritter site .... new cute faces are SO much fun!

The next expo will be on October 20 this year, and help in Peterborough. I am hoping to attend, of course, and to have a big pile of stuff with me for all you fans to see and buy!

We are still waiting to hear when and if there will be a Gatineau show this year, or if it will be in the spring due to the heavy rain damage that impacted the usual venue for the expo. Otherwise, we might just try to expand out to Pointe Clair expo ... we shall see...

We are in the process of submitting the paperwork in order to get the needed funds for expanding the business, by adding more types of geckos to add to the available ones for next year. If we get approved we will be adding gargoyle geckos, day geckos, and maybe even satanic leaf-tail geckos. After a year of time, we hope to be able to have little ones available for you to add to your own collection. So exciting!

We have had a few little ones from our pairing of Ruby and Kovu, and MAN are they cute little things!

First up is Roni ... born July 14, 2019 so it will be a few months until ready to list for sale.

Then there is the clutchmate that hatched a few days later ... Maklyn hatched July 17 2019..

Most recently, the next from that pairing has joined us ... Shaye hatched Aug 13th 2019 ...

I can't wait to see how these little develop over the next few months!

We do still have 2 from last season available ... as well as a few adults and juvenile crested geckos ... check the website for more on them!

Keep watch as we share more daily fun and updates with information ...


Wednesday, April 17, 2019

The Ups and Downs ...

Hi there folks!

As usual, my blogging is lacking in regularity ... but what else is new?

So .. the "downs" first ...

Last breeding season was very poor .. had more bad eggs than successful hatchings. I had 5 girls paired, but only got fertile eggs from 2 of the 5, and of those only 4 eggs survived. I have sold one of those, but was a bit younger than I normally would. If interested, the babies are Devon (sold), Karmel, Ripley (see picture below), and Cruz, and pics of them can be seen on the facebook page for Katt's Kritters ...

At this time, we have no car so I am not sure of making any shows over the summer and into the fall, but we are hoping to have a vehicle by winter. Any orders for supplies or geckos require the buyer to either meet here or pay for shipping. Sorry ...

Between the lack of a car and the low breeding numbers, the business has hit a bit of a slow-down. This makes things very frustrating, and results in a lot of questioning and evaluating of plans. I am doing my best to keep things moving in a positive forward direction, but with such a lack of needed resources, it does get hard.

So ... now the "ups" ....

So far we are off to a better start for fertile eggs, with 9 already in the incubator and the first of those due to hatch around beginning of June. There are many more months yet to go for the girls to lay eggs, but so far I have only got fertile eggs from Meg, Ruby, and Morticia. Lily has yet to drop any viable eggs, and Lady seems to have a long delay in dropping ANY eggs at all.  I know they will yet, as they have before.

I have made some changes to have some better quality breeders, so I will have high contrast harlequins (working on getting cream/red combo), pinstripes, and dark.

I am hoping that I will get some nice dark babies from my SAM x MORTICIA pairing, and if so, then I will sell Ash. Otherwise, I will list both the dark "breeders" instead. I do have nice pinstripe morph options, so I will be able to offer a range of options.

Around this time last year, we signed on and became authorized resellers for equipment and supplies that are available from many big names, like Mist King, Repashy, Pangea (not food), Sunblaster, PetTech and Galapagos, to name a few. This will hopefully help carry over through our slower times of the season.

I was also given 4 geckos to add to my collection from a gentleman that was getting out of the business. With the addition of these four, I find that I have three cresties that carry the lineage of Prince (from Dream Maker Reptiles) so I am excited for when my future breeders get closer to that stage. I am keeping 2 of the four as future breeders, and the other 2 younger ones are still growing out a bit before I list them. Stay tuned!

Many future breeders getting bigger over time, so big plans over the next few years.

Nothing worth doing is worth doing fast, so to take the time that is needed will be better in the end!


Saturday, August 11, 2018

Aug 2018 UPDATES

Well firstly ... this has been a crazy season!

I am working to upgrade my crested gecko quality in order to work on a high contrast high quality line. So a few of the current breeders (both male and female) will be listed as available BUT not all and the females that WILL be listed will not be listed until they are done their breeding season. Some will be kept even after based on what they produce.

Meg is a full pin so she will be staying on, as will Morticia since this is her first year breeding. There are some females (or possible females ... can't quite tell yet) that have yet to grow big enough to do breeding with, so those will be waiting about 2 years yet. I do have 2 females on the way, plus a new male to suit the better / higher quality project. Fingers crossed things move along as I am trying and hoping to get them to.

As for eggs, I have 3 hatchlings that came out of the Sam x Meg pairing this year (Devon, Karmel and Ripley), but the rest of her eggs to date have not produced anything. Moriticia's so far have been the same. The only ones I can say safely that will hatch with great results are the ones from Lady x Po pairing. I am not 100% sure about Lily's or Ruby's yet, but this is really their first year breeding. We shall see ...

As for other things, we have started carrying products and equipment and supplies ... authorized reseller for Mist King, Zoo Med, SunBlaster, and lots more! The site has a store section that is slowly being added to, but no real sales there yet. We did sell a bunch of stuff at the last Gatineau Reptile Expo, so hopefully I can get more stock to take and sell. As a reseller the minimum order goes up, but I can get stuff for my own use that way too.

There is talk that the hatching/egg issues are global ... which means it is not weather related (way hotter and humid than previously) ... some are thinking it may be related to a food blend since that would be globally related. That is definitely something to dig into deeper.

Well, time to add more items to the store!


Thursday, February 1, 2018

New food ... and updates

So .... after reading a pile of reviews and such about different foods and supplements for cresties ... especially when dealing with picky eaters ... I have edited the powder-mix bucket ... by adding 2 new options to the combination in use already.

The bucket mix I have used so far is a combo of Repashy Super Mango Blend and Repashy Grubs N Fruit ... with a small bit of the Banana Cream Pie and/or Pangea Breeders Formula. The last 2 are not a staple based on budget and availability. This mix has some eating much better than others in my gecko crew, so I am trying to find a more successful mix.

Tonight they were given a mix of the Super Mango and the Grubs N Fruit .... with the added flavors of Repasy SuperPIG and Repashy Classic mix ... the only product for cresties they carry that contains some bee pollen. If this mix is a win tonight, I may look for straight bee pollen ... or keep with this mix. The morning should say ....

The mix is a bit of a darker color than before, but I think that is due to the SuperPIG powder. I think that mix is for enhancing their  natural pigment and such. Again, we shall see.

We have one fertile clutch so far from the Sam x Meg pairing, with her clutch date being around the 26th of the month or so for laying. Up next will be Sam x Ruby ... and I will pair Castiel to the other 2 females later in the rotation. I have a pair on hold in Ottawa area, with one more payment to go before I arrange to pick them up. As yet there are no eggs from them. I am not worried since I am working on a longer breeding season rotation ... this way I should have eggs/babies later into the year. I am hoping to have "stock" available for more expos ... including some GTA ones later this year.

Once things have become more established, I am planning to add to the collection of breeders with different gecko breeds, such as Giant Day Geckos... or Gargoyle Geckos ... but definitely satanic leaf tails ... it is just a question of getting one of the others for a bit to learn before breeding. It does mean I need more tanks and space LOL

I am seeking more funding .... but we shall see. This business will continue regardless ....