Saturday, June 7, 2014

Hands on time

I decided tonight I was going to give the geckos each some hands-on time, whether they agreed or not.

I started with Lucinda .... and she was quite fine with it all.  No spazzing or jumping. Sylvia was fine, but not the same degree of calm, and Charlie was a bit more hyper. Both of them calmed right down within seconds, and I hope it was cuz they remembered it was me, and that they were safe.

Ghost was fine once I snagged him, but Red was another story. But he too calmed down like the others. Cosmo was surprisngly calm once I scooped her up. Max was true to his name, max jumping but not overly.

George was the only issue, being too stubborn for more than a few seconds of hands-on time, and being edgy the whole time. Lady M made a dive for the floor, and was still a bit jumpy even after. My wee Elvis is still the only one that will jump into my hand and stay there for hours if it weren't for the cat thinking the geckos are toys for her.

I am hoping to continue this nightly or as best I can. Hopefully I can get new vids and weights for them soon .....