Tuesday, November 28, 2017

November 2017

Nearly the end of the year .... and some nice changes coming up!

The last Gatineau Reptile Expo went exceedingly well! I am so glad we decided to branch out into that area. Each time it gets better and better...

We took up 17 cresties of various ages ... came home with 1 of the four adults, 1 of the 4 juvies, and 5 of the 9 hatchlings/babies that went to the show. The interest and crowd was amazing! We even had a booking for a sale for after we got back to town .. which led to the sale of the last juvie I had available.

The remaining geckos that are still available are Gomez, London, Skye, Ocean, Payton, and Sage. I hope to have some new little ones or maybe some adults in time for the spring show .... unless the next is not until summer, and I know I will have new geckos available by then.... keep watch!

There will be some new breeders brought into the mix .... 3 yet to finish paying off, but two are already with me ... I just need to give them time to grow a bit more. Castiel is about 23grams .... and JoJo is barely 5grams ... breeders must be at least 35grams if not closer to 40. But the 3 coming will be RTB (ready to breed) .... so I am excited about that!

Well back to other Katt's Kritters work .... keep an eye on here and both the Facebook page and the mainsite kattskritters.com for more updates!

Saturday, August 19, 2017

August 2017 UPDATES

Well .. it's been a while ... so let's get started ...

So far .. we have had a pretty good season. There are still a few from 2016 breeding season available .. and a whole pile of new wee ones from this 2017 season! They are so cute!

Twink, Max, and Rex as my available adults. Dakota, Hunter, Rudy and Niki are available from the last season (2016). I am keeping (for now) Syd and Izzy ....

For the new season, we had 12, but then sold one ... and 2 more hatched ... so still have 13 there altogether. Only at most 11 will go to the next Gatineau show ... and the Downsview GTA if I can get a table for that one too!

Some of those will be hold-backs (HB) ... I need to see how their patterns go for pricing ... so we have Ash (HB), Logan, Reddy, Bailey, London, Skye, Rox (HB), Ocean, Payton, Rowan, Noire (HB), Sage, and Kassidy. The last two may be too young for this year expos I think ,,,, but we will see ...

I am re-doing the website for a fresh clean updated look ... so I hope you all will like it. It will take a bit to get it done around things, but I will get it done soon as I can.

Check the facebook page for photos!

Katt's Kritters (facebook)

Always be sure to check the main site for updated photos and information on the growing zoo!

Katt's Kritters (main site)

Hope to post more next week!

Friday, May 12, 2017

May 12 2017

Well ... we now have 10 babies for the 2017 season ... and more yet to hatch! The little ones are getting better and not being such spazzes ... I spent a few mins with almost all during last night feeding ... and did some hand to hand walking with them. It went well ... now to find homes for the ones from 2016 ... while these grow!

Here are the pics ...











I am excited to see how these develop ... and how my first run at my dark breeding project goes! More hopefully dark babies still to hatch! Keep watching for updates!

TTFN .... Katt

Thursday, March 30, 2017

March 30 2017

Wow ... look at me! Two posts in the same month! LOL

Well the babies have started hatching ... and the others keep growing!

All the 2016 hatchlings have been sexed ... and some are reading as female. Next is to decide if that changes any prices or not ....

The next Peterborough Expo is coming up at the end of April so I am starting to get sorted for that. Figuring what to bring and making sure to not forget anything ... best to make a list I guess ....

Here are the 3 newest babies:

hatched March 7 2017

hatched March 8 2017

and REDDY (named by my neice & nephew)
hatched March 10 2017

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

MARCH 14 2017

Hi fans!

Well ... so far .. we have had some interesting things going on ..

Max seemed to be in high demand .. until I tell the USA folks the cost of shipping to them... then BAM! No thanks ...

Red has gone off to a new home with a young girl who is in love with him ....

We have 2 new breeders (Meg and Crowley) but they have yet to give any eggs. I might need to try them again for 2018. I am not worried ... got lots of stuff to sell still!

I have many young ones from 2016 still available, but almost half are now into the juvenile size ... so their prices went up a bit. They also will NOT have the kit option - they will still have the information package though, just like all of the available geckos get.

The first 3 new babies of the 2017 season have arrived! There are many more yet to hatch, but it looks like it will be a full house going to the Peterborough Expo ... not sure if the new ones will be of size, but hopefully....

I am working on getting better photos of them all, but I am starting with the nursery cresties first. I just have to fuss with the DIY lightbox more .... its the lighting issue. It looks like the whole plan of the sides with lights STILL casts an orange hue.

I will get it sorted .... never fear!

Well back to the fun!


Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Feb 8 2017

So ... interesting feeding night tonight.

Twink has been flighty a bit more lately than normal .... and tonight she jumped and found my eye... it was closed but still. Most times my guys will jump on the camera eye ...but this was weird. I am wondering if I need to move her tank out of that spot.... maybe to my desk or my room ...

As for the babies, they seem to really be showing their personalities more and more. Syd keeps trying to be like the big boys... but is so tiny still. Freddie and Chance and Izzy all wanted to spend a few minutes out of their enclosures... so I guess I need to start taking time and handling them more often. A tamer gecko is more liked.

As for the chewers, we have put a trial test run flooring in with both Rudy and Bobbi. Instead of paper towels I have put a clear ridged shelf liner (from the dollar store) cut to the size of the floor. Hopefully  this will stop the chewing, and it can be cleaned for re-use. So far so good, but it is still early.

The ones that like to jump at every motion they see are now referred to as The Thud Club. That would be Rudy, Bobbi, Syd and Dakota mainly. I have found this to be a phase, but with this many babies it will be an ongoing phase.

I am getting more and more requests to get a vendors table for the Feb 26 expo in Downsview, but it will cost funds I simply do not have. It is $150 for just the table, not to mention gas both ways and food. I figure the total cost for the day would be about $250 all in. I need to make some money one way or another ....

Well I hope this has been a good update .... more next time!

Same gecko time ... same gecko channel ... or something like that LOL

Thursday, February 2, 2017

New Year!

OK ... time for a new year update!

All the babies are still here .... and even Hayden is getting better. It might very well have been the warmer room or the larger enclosure ... or a combo of both ... no real idea, but he is doing better in the other room at least.

We are up to 3 sets of eggs from Lana X Sam and Cosmo X Rex ..... so hopefully the December clutch will hatch before too long. I will need to find a list of asexual dark style names soon ... I know there are some awesome resources out there....

I am hoping to get the time to make a DIY light box for photos. I need better pics to get better responses ... got the materials i need ... I just need to get to it ASAP. I am beginning to think I need to clone myself ... or something less drastic LOL

I am thinking of keeping Syd as my hold-back. It's not just cuz s/he is cute, but based on the crested gecko's size and the kink in the tail, it may be best. Seems to be taking a long time for him/her to gain any weight. He/She is still barely 2grams ... others born in July like Syd was are double that weight at least.

Well time to step off here for a bit .... I will post again soon with better updates....