Thursday, November 11, 2021

Repashy Food Comparison

So ... over the last few years Repashy has come out with a number of new flavours for the gecko diet line.


My standard to date has been a combination of the Super Mango and the Grubs N Fruit. It mixes nice and  thick .. and I have no gecko turn their nose up at it.




I had the chance recently to try a few different flavours with my collection, and, for the most part, I was not impressed. Sorry ... 

I tried the Classic flavour - it is the main one with bee pollen already in the mix. It was not overly bad, but I found it mixed more watery than I was hoping for. Not too sure how well my crew liked it either. 

Next I tried the flavour with the purple font. Standard mix, no fancy or exotic additions. I figured should be good. Again, it mixed very watery for my liking. No empty dishes from this either.


So I tried mixing those 2 flavours together for the next test. I was not surprised to find it still was watery. I was hoping by mixing the two it might balance out. Oh well.

Tonight I tried the Pineapple Express. I love pineapple so I figured why not give it a shot. Right off, I found it mixed MUCH better - thicker and more along the lines of what a good consistency should be for the geckos. I am (so far at least) hopeful for a better response. Being a seasonal blend, it is in limited availability of course, but we shall see. I will check dishes in the morning...



I still have Cherry Bomb to try ... but I didn't get a good response when I tried the Mulberry Mix.


Tomorrow is keeper cleaning and rotations ... maybe get a few updated photos for the available section!

Thanks to all for the ongoing support!