Tuesday, August 30, 2016

August 30 2016

Wow ... look at me! Posting 3 days in a row!

Well, the news today is another great meeting was had, and it is a true pleasure having a meeting about a gecko business with people who understand and appreciate reptiles .... that are not grossed out by them. It was a nice change to be in that space.

It turns out that they are going to be able to help in some awesome ways .... like expo funding which will give me the chance to get space at the bigger GTA expos .... like Ajax and Downsview, for example. They will work with me in makimg my business plan the best it can be, to make it into a viable business.

They had other funding ideas, and the more we talked, the more I realized that maybe ..... just maybe .... my hard work, my hours I put into the geckos, the money I put in at the expense of other things ... it was finally going to become a reality. I actually started crying...

Yeah, I know .... pathetic ....

I will be sitting at the computer a lot over the next week (as much as I can .... with coffee and Skype, of course too) to make some headway on new paperwork. A new set of spreadsheets for expenses and such starting now, and get a bank account set up strickly for business use.

As soon as I get the initial funding, I will be making a gecko payment and registering the business name!

Its still frightening to see the progress that has happened in such a short window of time ....

Luv from me and the kritters!

Monday, August 29, 2016

August 29 2016

Hey fans!

Not really anything exciting to report on, just same old same old. Tonight is a watering night so we shall see. Some of the little ones are snapping / jumping at my fingers thru the sides of their keepers, so I guess they are ready to be re-homed for sure!

I have another meeting with the sponser/support company tomorrow, so hopefully I will have some news from that to share.

Well, off to water them so luv to all!

Sunday, August 28, 2016

August 28 2016

Ok .... I made it for a new post! Ya me!

So ..... it seems some of the zoo like the National Geographic fruit bits food .... so they can have an alternate food to mix things up. This will also give me the option to still feed them on a bad night, instead of making them wait until the next night.

When I got near done tonight's watering, I took the time to clean Morticia's old tank and upgraded Gomez into it, then cleaned his old one for Twink. Both seem happy .... so good all around.

I will clean Twink's old one for Angel tomorrow or so, and there is one more egg in the incubator from Cosmo. There should be more eggs soon but we shall see.

Have a great night all!

Saturday, August 27, 2016


Again ..... sorry for slacking and going so long between posts .... things have been and always will be crazy!

Let's see ....

My beautiful red princess Lucinda died a few weeks back. Actually it was a few months back, Jume 14. I am still not sure what happened, except that maybe it was due to a temperature change and she could not handle it.

All the eggs that I purchased hatched. I sold Kenzie II that I got with the eggs soon after, and a friend in the building bought Casey (hatched from those eggs). I am glad that I bought the eggs since it has been way too hot for Cosmo to give me many fertile eggs at all. Maybe next season will be better for her.

I did my first expo as a vendor August 14 .... didn't sell anything but did some great networking. They are doing another in October, so I will see of that goes any better. Peterborough is a big snake community it seems, so I am not sure on the long term plan for that expo. They will be doing 2 a year so ....

I lost Ghost on August 20 .... and not sure why there either. His health was great up until just after December just past. I got him from an expo in 2013 and had no issues. But since Dec weight check, he had dropped 10gr up to his passing.

I am now scared to do anything that may risk things. It makes me second guess this whole plan or idea ....

I plan to work through all the tanks (babies too) and do an in-depth cleaning .... new dirt and clean all the decorations too. Gomez will be rotated into Morticia's old tank, and Twink will go into Gomez's old one, and Angel will go into the one slightly bigger that Twink has been using.

I now have a chance to make this gecko biz a reality. With ODSP (disabilty gov income) they have self-employment support, which I am now hooked up with. I made a great connection with a sponser, so they will help make this a viable business. It will give me the chance to move ahead with things, like get the females I need for the dark breeding project.

Sadly I have yet to sell any of the 3 adults I have listed as available, nor any more of the babies. It is ok so far, but I had planned and hoped to rehome them. I will try to get the website updated with more progression type pics of them all to see if that helps.

Anyways .... time to post this ... and get some sleep. I will try to do better at posting ....

Luv from the zoo!

Tuesday, August 9, 2016


... and babies .... lots of wee babies! I will be taking most of them to the expo on Aug 14 .... so we shall see who all comes home afterwards ...

ALEX (hatched June 11)

ANGEL (hatched July 18)

BOBBI (hatched June 19)

CHANCE (hatched July 12)

DAKOTA (hatched July 1)

FANG (hatched July 14)

HAYDEN (hatched July 20)

JUSTICE (hatched June 7 - one of Red + Cosmo baby's)

LEE (hatched July 10)

MORGAN (hatched July 10)

PIPER (hatched May 30)

RUDY (now tail-less, hatched June 6 - one of Red + Cosmo baby's)

SYD (hatched July 7 - one of Red + Cosmo baby's)

Enjoy! I will update things after the expo .....