Saturday, August 11, 2018

Aug 2018 UPDATES

Well firstly ... this has been a crazy season!

I am working to upgrade my crested gecko quality in order to work on a high contrast high quality line. So a few of the current breeders (both male and female) will be listed as available BUT not all and the females that WILL be listed will not be listed until they are done their breeding season. Some will be kept even after based on what they produce.

Meg is a full pin so she will be staying on, as will Morticia since this is her first year breeding. There are some females (or possible females ... can't quite tell yet) that have yet to grow big enough to do breeding with, so those will be waiting about 2 years yet. I do have 2 females on the way, plus a new male to suit the better / higher quality project. Fingers crossed things move along as I am trying and hoping to get them to.

As for eggs, I have 3 hatchlings that came out of the Sam x Meg pairing this year (Devon, Karmel and Ripley), but the rest of her eggs to date have not produced anything. Moriticia's so far have been the same. The only ones I can say safely that will hatch with great results are the ones from Lady x Po pairing. I am not 100% sure about Lily's or Ruby's yet, but this is really their first year breeding. We shall see ...

As for other things, we have started carrying products and equipment and supplies ... authorized reseller for Mist King, Zoo Med, SunBlaster, and lots more! The site has a store section that is slowly being added to, but no real sales there yet. We did sell a bunch of stuff at the last Gatineau Reptile Expo, so hopefully I can get more stock to take and sell. As a reseller the minimum order goes up, but I can get stuff for my own use that way too.

There is talk that the hatching/egg issues are global ... which means it is not weather related (way hotter and humid than previously) ... some are thinking it may be related to a food blend since that would be globally related. That is definitely something to dig into deeper.

Well, time to add more items to the store!

Thursday, February 1, 2018

New food ... and updates

So .... after reading a pile of reviews and such about different foods and supplements for cresties ... especially when dealing with picky eaters ... I have edited the powder-mix bucket ... by adding 2 new options to the combination in use already.

The bucket mix I have used so far is a combo of Repashy Super Mango Blend and Repashy Grubs N Fruit ... with a small bit of the Banana Cream Pie and/or Pangea Breeders Formula. The last 2 are not a staple based on budget and availability. This mix has some eating much better than others in my gecko crew, so I am trying to find a more successful mix.

Tonight they were given a mix of the Super Mango and the Grubs N Fruit .... with the added flavors of Repasy SuperPIG and Repashy Classic mix ... the only product for cresties they carry that contains some bee pollen. If this mix is a win tonight, I may look for straight bee pollen ... or keep with this mix. The morning should say ....

The mix is a bit of a darker color than before, but I think that is due to the SuperPIG powder. I think that mix is for enhancing their  natural pigment and such. Again, we shall see.

We have one fertile clutch so far from the Sam x Meg pairing, with her clutch date being around the 26th of the month or so for laying. Up next will be Sam x Ruby ... and I will pair Castiel to the other 2 females later in the rotation. I have a pair on hold in Ottawa area, with one more payment to go before I arrange to pick them up. As yet there are no eggs from them. I am not worried since I am working on a longer breeding season rotation ... this way I should have eggs/babies later into the year. I am hoping to have "stock" available for more expos ... including some GTA ones later this year.

Once things have become more established, I am planning to add to the collection of breeders with different gecko breeds, such as Giant Day Geckos... or Gargoyle Geckos ... but definitely satanic leaf tails ... it is just a question of getting one of the others for a bit to learn before breeding. It does mean I need more tanks and space LOL

I am seeking more funding .... but we shall see. This business will continue regardless ....