Monday, December 26, 2016

End of the Year 2016

Well ... quite the year ....

So far things have been moving ahead, but winter temperatures make for some frustrating down-time ... but it also gives me a chance to get some other stuff taken care of ... like some art projects and such.

I am planning to get new photos and new data for each crested gecko weight before the end of the year, so I can then update the website. Angel will be going back up for sale, but Hayden will be my hold-back based on potential health issues with his/her sheds. Once he/she has gotten this cleared up, I may list him/her up for sale again. My other choices as hold-back are Fang and Syd ... but I can only keep one... LOL

We are heading to the Peterborough Expo again at the end of April, but I am really hoping to hit up one of the GTA expos prior ... so I can get an idea on crowds and prices before signing up for a table there.

I decided to pair up 2 sets of geckos early this year, ultimately so I will have some specialized babies available for the April expo and onward. I have already got 2 eggs in the incubator from Cosmo x Rex pairing, and 2 eggs from Lana x Sam which should help with the dark babies... fingers crossed! The waiting is fun (as always) while I wait for them to hatch ...

I am always working on a better set-up of the geckos and gear, so I am looking to edit the shelf unit a bit to make it smoother for the baby tanks and for the bin of gear underneath (and all the stuff on top) but that depends on the available space. Might need to get creative for new babies soon if some of the ones from last season don't sell soon!

Well back to stuff ....