Tuesday, June 2, 2015

June 2015

Well I see I slacked again ... sorry gecko fans ...

So far things have been pretty normal as far as the critter crew goes. I can def say that Ghost has no interest as yet for breeding ... he seems to be younger than I had been advised, and he shows no interest in mating with the females.

Red, on the other hand, has been so far pretty good for breeding. I have gotten 3 clutches from Cosmo since his visit with her, and the first set of 2 eggs should hopefully be hatching anytime soon. I have a keeper all set up and ready.

Charlie finally gave me her first clutch, even though one egg seems to have been infertile. The other looks good, but I plan to do a deep dig thru her tank since she is short 2 clutches that Cosmo did. Red visited her not lomg after he visited with Cosmo. I hope but not to find more eggs in her dirt.

I am going to try to clean at least 2 tanks tomorrow (Elvis and George) as they are past due for a cleaning. I want to try to get an updated weight from them all as well before the two females get gravid again, as it has been a bit since I did a full group weigh in. Yes, I will try to get pics at the same time.

On a different but related note, I am hoping to get a baby translucent veiled  chameleon soon .... and then I will be complete. Also, I heard from Northern Gecko today that they are still keepimg me in mind for the position they posted about. They seemed surprised that I would be willling to move out to Scarborough for it. Hell, why not? The geckos are one of my few passions, so to get paid for tending to them, its a no-brainer.

Amyways, I need to crash .... so goodnight from me, Ravyn, Elvis, George, Lucinda, Ghost, Cosmo, Red, Charlie, Sylvester, Max,  Lady M and Venus....