Tuesday, November 28, 2017

November 2017

Nearly the end of the year .... and some nice changes coming up!

The last Gatineau Reptile Expo went exceedingly well! I am so glad we decided to branch out into that area. Each time it gets better and better...

We took up 17 cresties of various ages ... came home with 1 of the four adults, 1 of the 4 juvies, and 5 of the 9 hatchlings/babies that went to the show. The interest and crowd was amazing! We even had a booking for a sale for after we got back to town .. which led to the sale of the last juvie I had available.

The remaining geckos that are still available are Gomez, London, Skye, Ocean, Payton, and Sage. I hope to have some new little ones or maybe some adults in time for the spring show .... unless the next is not until summer, and I know I will have new geckos available by then.... keep watch!

There will be some new breeders brought into the mix .... 3 yet to finish paying off, but two are already with me ... I just need to give them time to grow a bit more. Castiel is about 23grams .... and JoJo is barely 5grams ... breeders must be at least 35grams if not closer to 40. But the 3 coming will be RTB (ready to breed) .... so I am excited about that!

Well back to other Katt's Kritters work .... keep an eye on here and both the Facebook page and the mainsite kattskritters.com for more updates!