Saturday, August 19, 2017

August 2017 UPDATES

Well .. it's been a while ... so let's get started ...

So far .. we have had a pretty good season. There are still a few from 2016 breeding season available .. and a whole pile of new wee ones from this 2017 season! They are so cute!

Twink, Max, and Rex as my available adults. Dakota, Hunter, Rudy and Niki are available from the last season (2016). I am keeping (for now) Syd and Izzy ....

For the new season, we had 12, but then sold one ... and 2 more hatched ... so still have 13 there altogether. Only at most 11 will go to the next Gatineau show ... and the Downsview GTA if I can get a table for that one too!

Some of those will be hold-backs (HB) ... I need to see how their patterns go for pricing ... so we have Ash (HB), Logan, Reddy, Bailey, London, Skye, Rox (HB), Ocean, Payton, Rowan, Noire (HB), Sage, and Kassidy. The last two may be too young for this year expos I think ,,,, but we will see ...

I am re-doing the website for a fresh clean updated look ... so I hope you all will like it. It will take a bit to get it done around things, but I will get it done soon as I can.

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Hope to post more next week!