Sunday, July 12, 2015

July 12 2015

So ... after much sweat and muscle, I managed to move the geckos into the spare room ... tanks and all .... and move the stuff from there out to the area where the tanks had been. This is all in the hopes that I can run the breeding as a side venture since there is no way to make it my sole income.

Either way, being overly beat, I will say I shifted their feeding off a night.

It was nice to see the babies came out of hiding with the darker room.... I saw them both out and around when I turned on the light to water them all down for the night.

I am hoping the cat and the geckos can share that room in peace ..... she seems a bit miffed and put off .... or mayne sheis worried she is loosing her spot ....

Friday, July 10, 2015

July 10 2015

Well .... time for some updates.

This week we have had 2 babies hatch .... one Monday and the other Tuesday. They have been named Squeekers and Skeeter for now. As of today the one is 3 inches long, and Skeeter is about 2 and 3/4 inches long, nose to tail.

According to staff at the local PetSmart, I should be able to sell them for about $60 - $75 each. We shall see though, as I am waiting until they are a month old first.

I am surprised to see my improvised incubator actually reading 72 F today since the last few months of use have had it at 70F at best. I am hopeful that this will help the other eggs hatch sooner than the first two did.

Last night, while watering them all for the night, I did some hands-on time with all but Mr Horney-toes ... aka Red... since he is in heat again ... and biting. With the weather and such, I am changing up their feeding. Instead of every 3 nights  I will start feding them every 2 nights. Hopefully that will also reduce the fruit flies ......

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Baby #2

And at 109 days ... we have Skeeter ... sharing a space with Squeekers .... I will separate them in a few days ....

Monday, July 6, 2015


Well ... after 108 days (or so) ... the first has hatched!

Meet Squeekers ..... seen here trying to encourage his clutch-mate to come out to play ...