Sunday, May 1, 2016

Increase for Business!

Well ... again my apologies for the time between posts. Things have been crazy.

I have decided to take a big step and get a table at the upcoming Peterborough Reptile Expo set for mid-August. So in preparation of that, I have been working on getting a list of things for the display, like signage and such which still needs to get priced out.

I have also been looking at my "stock" for want of a better term. I have only been able to get fertile eggs from Cosmo so far, but I am hopeful for Lucinda still to produce good eggs. Anything that is laid by the end of May should be good by the time of the expo.

I also took advantage of some Kijiji ads and purchased 2 sets of eggs. One set is 5 eggs guaranteed to be fertile and from high end parents, and I also bought the week old hatchling. I got another set of 6 eggs from another vendor, so that adds 11 to the current 4 in the incubator. Some of the eggs I purchased are due to hatch any day as well so I will have plenty for the expo I expect.

I put a deposit on a nice dark female crestie that I will pick up at the next Downsview expo (June 26 2016). I am also hoping to get another female I spotted on the Northern Gecko website. It will cost but at least I will have good "stock" (really need to find a different term .... LOL)

The next challenge is getting 3 more big tanks, and where to put them. The room is getting full .... guess I better find a bigger apartment soon!

Until next time .... watch the website and facebook and this blog!