Sunday, August 18, 2019

New News!

So ... new things on the horizon ... and beyond, hopefully!

We have added a number of babies to the already growing (albeit slowly) zoo ... and they will be available to purchase hopefully in a few months. Some of them are 3 weeks old, and some are 7 weeks old. They have not been weighed or named as yet, but they will be in a couple weeks, after which I will post all their cute faces on facebook and the official Katt's Kritter site .... new cute faces are SO much fun!

The next expo will be on October 20 this year, and help in Peterborough. I am hoping to attend, of course, and to have a big pile of stuff with me for all you fans to see and buy!

We are still waiting to hear when and if there will be a Gatineau show this year, or if it will be in the spring due to the heavy rain damage that impacted the usual venue for the expo. Otherwise, we might just try to expand out to Pointe Clair expo ... we shall see...

We are in the process of submitting the paperwork in order to get the needed funds for expanding the business, by adding more types of geckos to add to the available ones for next year. If we get approved we will be adding gargoyle geckos, day geckos, and maybe even satanic leaf-tail geckos. After a year of time, we hope to be able to have little ones available for you to add to your own collection. So exciting!

We have had a few little ones from our pairing of Ruby and Kovu, and MAN are they cute little things!

First up is Roni ... born July 14, 2019 so it will be a few months until ready to list for sale.

Then there is the clutchmate that hatched a few days later ... Maklyn hatched July 17 2019..

Most recently, the next from that pairing has joined us ... Shaye hatched Aug 13th 2019 ...

I can't wait to see how these little develop over the next few months!

We do still have 2 from last season available ... as well as a few adults and juvenile crested geckos ... check the website for more on them!

Keep watch as we share more daily fun and updates with information ...


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